Brexit. It’s not just something to spark heated arguments around the family dinner table. It’s one of the UK’s most pressing issues.

If you've been in the UK over the last few months, you've probably seen UK Government's nationwide 'Get ready for Brexit' campaign. Launched to disseminate vital information to businesses up and down the country, it quickly became an effective tool for sharing messages with the masses.

However, with campaign assets designed, websites live and adverts printed, UK Government realised this alone wouldn't be enough. They needed to open up in-depth, two-way conversations with the whole of the UK. 

While a roadshow would usually be the obvious choice, it became abundantly clear that even the most successful roadshow couldn’t hope to reach everyone in the UK. We needed an intelligent, digitally driven approach that could provide massive outreach - all while remaining well within budget.

Luckily, we knew just the thing.

Reaching the whole of the UK, on a limited budget.

By cutting out costs associated with venue, travel and onsite teams, a single-day interactive webinar offered unrivalled value for money. Best of all? Its convenience guaranteed a larger audience.

We wouldn't be restricted by location, busy schedules or venue size. Instead, viewers could tune in from the comfort of their desk, listen to Brexit experts, submit questions during live Q&A segments and voice concerns in forum discussions monitored by Government officials.

We would even be able to release all the footage on-demand after the live segments, increasing the longevity and accessibility of the content.

Sure, there was only three weeks to deliver the project with tight control on content, a massive audience and a divisive subject - but hey, isn’t that what world-class event agencies are for?

What we came up with.

Step one. Audience generation.
Working against the clock, our Project Teams got the registration site up-and-running within 48 hours of confirming the job. Linking to an existing Brexit website, we worked with Government digital marketing teams to embed specific analytics into the registration routes, giving them a greater sense of the effectiveness of their marketing. The proof here was in the registrations - 2,000 delegates signed up within the first two days of launch.

Step two. Content design.
With Brexit touching every part of the UK, we needed to hear from experts across nearly every major department. While many were confident speakers in person, getting the best out of them on camera would require a different approach, and a great deal of training.

Not only that, with the topic so politically hot, every piece would need sign-off by senior figures in government. That's why, rather than leave anything to chance, we sketched out a hybrid event. We decided to film and edit content in advance, leaving slots throughout the broadcast for live Q&A sessions. The show would be presented as live, with opportunities for the audience to get involved throughout. The best of both worlds.

Step three. Speaker prep.
With limited time, we used our relationships with studios across London to secure a prime location in Westminster. We invited speakers from across the civil service to attend a media training day where our Head of Content walked them through how to deliver their pieces to camera, talk with autocue and make their content shine. These same speakers returned later that week for a filming day where they delivered their presentations. Studio availability meant that we had a single day to edit the footage for review by senior Government figures, so we built our workflows to accommodate, providing the footage within 12 hours of filming.

Step four. Design and accessibility.
The broadcast itself had been designed by our Head of Content in cooperation with our Head of Design, fine-tuning everything from speaker name graphics to the PowerPoint slides. Not only were the visuals examined, we brought accessibility to the forefront, providing live captioning for those hard of hearing and an audio-only stream for those without the bandwidth for the full-HD experience.

Step five. The big day.
Systems fully stress-tested, back-up servers in place, we headed into the day, where 7,000 viewers tuned in to watch (the audience equivalent of around 28 roadshow events). With thousands of questions coming in from viewers across the UK, this single webinar managed to shape a 178-page post-event report, bursting with public feedback - which is now being used to form policies at the highest levels of Government. Safe to say, it was a roaring success.


Alongside the 7,000 people who tuned in on the day, another 6,000 individuals have watched on-demand content since then - dramatically extending the life of the event, and providing vital information to those that needed it. 

The result? Delegates tuning in from all over the country, sharing their views, having their questions answered and receiving the latest information from Government on Brexit preparedness. To top it off, 98% of delegates said they preferred the webinar format to a traditional roadshow approach.

However, we're not celebrating our success just yet. We're still working with Government teams to track content across the site, collecting vital feedback and statistics in order to shape the next phase of this campaign. We're helping Government listen to the thoughts of the nation, in order to shape the policies of the future.


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