We know the events space needs to be more sustainable in the way it thinks and delivers. That’s why we’re committed to investing in our planet.

We’ve become experts in creating events and environments that bring people together in ways which have a planet-friendly outcome. In partnership with our clients, we use a carbon measurement platform to review in-person audience sizes, we scope options for virtual participation, assess locations to minimise travel requirements, reduce venue sizes, decrease event durations and we recommend carbon offsetting projects.

Becoming Net Zero by 2050 means Live Group will achieve a balance between the greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere and those we help take out.

As a team at Live Group, we’re reducing the distances we travel, altering the ways in which we work, sourcing locally, making changes to our working environment, recycling, switching to more sustainable suppliers and volunteering to maintain our green spaces locally. Until we reach Net Zero, we’ll also continue to fund local and global projects which offset our emissions.

Helping us along the way

To help us along our way to becoming Net Zero by 2050, we’ve partnered with Isla, an independent industry body supporting our sector in its transition to a more sustainable future. Working alongside other forward-thinking agencies, suppliers, venues, exhibition organisers and in-house events teams, we’re confident we can make a big difference to the planet.

The definitive carbon measurement platform

We use trace by isla to measure the sustainability of our event plans and to calculate the proposed carbon impact of an event. We work with clients to recommend and incorporate greener strategies. And, when each event is over, our post-event reports can be used as a benchmark to inform ever greener strategies as we move forwards.


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