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Revolutionising events since 1975

Live Group’s Innovative Vision Attracts
Major Investment from Foresight

It’s a
people thing

People are cool, aren’t they?

There are nearly 8 billion of us and we’re (almost) all different. Discovering what makes someone tick isn’t easy, but we’ve made it our business to find out.

Because understanding individuals is the only way to build truly engaging environments that flourish into meaningful moments.

We do this by marrying data, insight and strategic thinking with a little of our homegrown creative alchemy.


Reimagining environments
since 1975

We’ve learnt a lot in 48 years.

The most important lesson? Always focus on the future. Which is why we refuse to lose our dogged determination to keep innovating and help companies communicate better.

A globally
local team

Our teams across the world tap into local knowledge, nuance and culture while delivering on a global scale.

You can imagine how that translates into beautifully creative, customised experiences that engage and inspire.

Accessible, inclusive

We all matter. And including every individual is the only way to achieve true engagement.

This is why we love designing environments for our clients – and our own team – that are customised and accessible to all.

Reaching a sustainable
future sooner

We’re fanatical about sustainability and playing our part in the race to Net Zero by reducing travel, working flexibly, sourcing locally, recycling, working with responsible suppliers, volunteering to keep local green spaces green, and funding local and global projects to offset emissions.

Meet the team that
makes the magic happen

You can only do brilliant work with happy people.

We know that. So, we practice what we preach and take time to really understand our team and what makes them tick.

This helps us create an environment where they can be their best, happiest selves; one that includes flexible working, private healthcare, summer Fridays, volunteering days and birthdays off (cake included).

Join our

Fancy joining a team that is pushing boundaries, driving innovation and working with some of the best organisations out there?

with US?

If you like what you’ve seen and want to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Delivering excellence
What drives us

Inclusivity &

Inclusive, accessible environments give everyone a voice and allow all personality types to engage, connect, consume, digest and reflect content when & where it suits them.

& data

AudienceDNA is our game changing audience-profiling tool. It delivers incredibly rich insight that’s married with intelligence & creativity to build evolving environments to suit everyone’s personal preferences.


We create carbon-reduced environments to deliver sustainable, planet friendly outcomes & work with communities around the globe to support local green initiatives.

& trust

The security of your content is paramount.

Your environments are built to be safe, protected spaces. Security & trust will encourage community growth and engagement.