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Live Group’s Innovative Vision Attracts Major Investment from Foresight

01 March 2024


At Live Group we’ve always believed in embracing innovation to propel us forward. And that’s why we’re happy and proud of this partnership with Foresight, to enhance our commitment to fostering progress in events.

Foresight Group, an investor known for nurturing growth and innovation, has invested £2.8m in our Venture Capital Trust. This investment signifies more than backing us; it showcases their belief in our vision, team, and cutting-edge technologies.

With a commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) principles and sustainability-focused strategies, Foresight Group seeks to generate returns while impacting society. Live Group is now poised to leverage this opportunity to lead further and redefine the industry landscape.

This funding will expedite the progress of our tools aimed at revolutionising how individuals engage in events. Furthermore, it will enhance the event experience by integrating features utilising our innovative ‘Audience DNA’ profiling tool.

Reflecting on how far we’ve come since our launch in London in 1975, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to innovation and client service excellence throughout the years, regardless of our resources or ambitions. Scaling prospectively means dreaming bigger than before, expanding outward, and positively impacting more lives.

Hugh Minnock, Investment Director at Foresight, said:

Live Group is a well-established and respected events management company.” He added, “We look forward to supporting Toby and Stephen as they embark on the next stage of growth in the UK and internationally. Live Group’s investment in and commitment to embracing technology is a clear differentiator and this funding will enable them to continue to innovate and deliver engaging and interactive events for their clients while also entering new geographical markets.

Hugh Minnock | Investment Director | Foresight

We’re thrilled to share that Hugh Minnock, along with Jonathan Harman, experienced marketer and Chair of Private Equity at Foresight, has joined the board of Live Group.

Our CEO, Toby Lewis, couldn’t have said it better:

We are thrilled to propel the rapid development of our digital engagement technologies. This latest investment marks a significant stride, providing our clients with enhanced empowerment. It ensures precise measurement of event spend and behavioural impact, allowing us to tailor a bespoke content journey for each individual rather than opting for a generic solution aimed at the entire audience.

Toby Lewis | CEO | Live Group

Entering this stage with Foresight by our side brings us a sense of gratitude for their belief in our goals and purpose. Working together, we are not simply progressing; we are actively moulding it to guarantee that every influence we have evolves into an encounter. Here’s to a future where creativity, involvement, and individual relationships give rise to moments that spark change and advancement at scale.


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