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Our Big Four client is one of the world’s largest employers, nurturing the careers of the brightest minds in the industry.

However, with generational divide dominating twenty-first century working culture, they knew they needed to transform their recruitment process. They needed to find a way to inspire a sense of purpose, place and loyalty among their newest graduate intake.

Having grown their student induction events over the previous five years (taking them from traditional conferences to exciting digital hybrid festivals), our Client invited us to propose a new approach. One that would use a mix of both digital tools and events to keep their new starters engaged throughout the lifecycle of their graduate programme.

What we came up with.

Step one. A one-stop-shop website.

First up, we needed to set the foundations. In the past, our Client had used multiple websites and databases to manage their graduate intake programme - from messaging and recruitment, to evaluation and induction. Instead, we simplified the whole process and bridged everything on one site, designed in-line with brand guidelines and developed in-house. This included a host of digital comms tools to keep their tech-savvy users engaged, from live-chats to live-streamed Q&A sessions.

Step two. A recruitment roadshow.

With the website forming the back-bone to the student engagement programme, it was time to get stuck into the first round of events. Our Client knew they wanted to attend recruitment fairs and exhibitions throughout the UK, and they knew they wanted to attract the brightest talent. That's why we offered staff training, high-impact exhibition design, and digital tools to maximise engagement. Students were able to understand key messaging and have meaningful conversations with knowledgeable experts before heading to the site to register.

Step three. Building a connection with their new organisation.

You're hired! In previous years, being accepted onto the student engagement program felt like an administrative task. Instead, we created a communications approach that got people excited about the role. As they filled out different sections of their profile, their details inspired an intelligent approach to comms - highlighting pain-points for new starters, and leading on the format for their upcoming training program.

Step four. Building the community.
We all know people stay on board when they feel supported. That's why we hosted a series of live-streamed events, accessed through the site, to connect new starters to colleagues further into their careers - all ready to answer questions and offer honest, human advice. Students could discuss ideas and connect with peers through a lively forum, and access tips and tricks through our 'learning library', offering advice on everything from how to dress in the office, to how to make an impact with clients.

Step five. The main event.
The Student Induction event 2019 became the pièce de résistance of our initial comms framework - a two-day multi-location live-streamed event, digitally driven and locally delivered. Students could connect with their peers across the nation, interact with senior leadership remotely and take part in competitive group tasks with UK-wide leader boards. Its sole aim? To create real connections between local offices, leadership and peers.

Step six. Next on the agenda.
Our strategy didn't end on this intake's first day at the office. We’ve crafted an exciting and innovative events programme for this ‘Class of 2019’. Exclusive events and regular comms to build a sense of community, form stronger bonds and shape ongoing L&D frameworks based on their personal profiles. All designed to create a sense of loyalty that keeps people on board, offering unsurpassed value for the entire induction process.


Student satisfaction scores and employee engagement results are at an all-time high. Internal teams that used to manage and cross-reference data to form L&D programs now have free time to spend on things that matter. Drop-outs, service-line changes and disciplinary incidents are all at historic lows - saving money and time across the entire business.

The results really speak for themselves.

But this is just the beginning for our student engagement series. As the working world changes and new data comes to light, we'll adapt our long-term comms plans to suit, ensuring year-on-year our Client can recruit the brightest minds in the industry - and keep them on their side.


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