Our sustainable events company helps you design and deliver events to enthral delegates, whilst simultaneously integrating social and environmental responsibility. Sustainable events are not a fad, they are a necessity.


The events industry is evolving, and we are evolving with it. There is no longer a need for every event to be in person, our approach considers which types of events truly require in-person attendance, and offers alternatives for events which can’t justify a physical contingent.


Thoroughly evaluating the need for the event to be in-person enables us to limit unnecessary delegate travel, and the associated environmental impacts that come with this, therefore improving the sustainability of the event.


Our sustainable events company thinks differently


Our sustainable events company is not one to make empty promises, we set measurable goals to reduce our carbon impact. In 2008 we developed our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) tool. This tool offers insights that help us reduce emissions relating to delegate travel, accommodation and waste. Since 2008 the EIA has been used to measure the environmental impact of every proposed Live Group event.


Our sustainable events company also implements a sustainability policy, this policy includes:


- Measuring our carbon emissions and environmental impact.


- Setting reduction targets such as banning single use plastic from our operations and aiming to achieve a ‘zero waste to landfill certification’.


- Committing to use suppliers that are local to venues, to reduce our global carbon impact.


- Using venues which meet, or exceed, sustainability standards, and that are close to public transport.


- Minimising overseas and long distance travel via virtual communications technology.


Evolve your sustainable event


Understanding the core of your event is key. Our sustainable events company puts your objectives at the heart of our work. We build an event that helps you reach your sustainability goals, without sacrificing delegate experience.


We will work closely with you from the very start, helping shape your brief with a keen focus on KPIs and eco awareness. We take an agile and adaptable approach to event delivery, tailoring our service to your unique requirements, and delivering your message with first class execution.

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