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Virtual events, live experiences or digital twins. Whatever you need support with, we've got your back.


What is a virtual event?


A blend of crafted content, world-class production and sophisticated technology, built from the ground-up for the digital world.

Traditional events are amazing, hey, we built a whole company on delivering the best of them, but virtual events open up new possibilities that organisers can’t ignore. Whether delivered on their own or twinned with existing conference, virtual events broadcast your message to the world without sacrificing the interaction and engagement that delegates need.


Less buffering, more doing

Picture a single online hub for your audience. Simple registration. A heap of content to watch. Opportunities for everyone to share their voice, shape the day, get involved. Your speakers prepared, coached to present to a digital audience.


Build virtual communities

A live broadcast with options, motivating people to get involved and stay connected. Creating a community that shares content long after the event. It sounds a little better than your average packaged webinar, doesn’t it?


Our approach is a little different

We don’t take a typical agenda and try to cram it in a digital space. Instead, we put your objectives at the heart of our work, building a virtual event driven by your audience and powered by our tech. From multi-day conferences that build communities through to high-impact learning events that deliver change, we don’t limit your ambition.


An expert team, from start-to-finish


With 15 years of virtual experience to draw from, our team are ready to tackle anything. Stable technology, robust content planning and the highest quality production. We aren’t creating simple webcasts - we're building virtual from the ground up.