As an events company with more than 45 years of experience, we produce more than 400 events for clients each year. Our expertise, flexibility, and drive to go the extra mile ensures our event production team creates engaging events that will enthral and delight your delegates.


Over the years we have worked on event production for international summits, national conferences, and awards ceremonies, in London, across the UK and worldwide. We create events that drive sales, engage employees and inspire audiences, no matter where they are.


Whether you are planning a virtual, in-person or hybrid event, we know how important it is to you. Our team of specialists are raring to plan and produce a bespoke strategy which delivers on every level.


Our event studio


The world of events has changed, and we have been changing with it. In-person events will return, and we’re sure they’ll be bigger and better than ever, but for now? Virtual and hybrid events offer possibilities and potential that organisers can’t ignore.


We wanted to make the most of this potential, all in-house. That’s why we set up Studio 9, our events studio in London, which is now open for business. Studio 9 lets you take back control of your virtual and hybrid events. We are ready to put you at the heart of the action, with cutting edge equipment, flawless production, and rock-solid infrastructure, in an events studio that suits your every need.


Make yourself at home


Choosing our events studio in London ensures your event garners real engagement in a virtual world. We’ll help you broadcast your message to the world, without sacrificing the interaction and engagement that delegates demand.


You will work alongside our expert team, throughout the lifecycle of your event. We build your event from the ground up, from brief and planning, to delivery in our events studio. Virtual events can seem complex, but with the right partner, you will feel in complete control.

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Virtual events can seem complex, but with the right partner, you’ll see how they put you in complete control.