As an event organiser with over 45 years’ experience, we produce more than 400 events for clients each year. Our expertise, flexibility and drive to go the extra mile ensures we create engaging events for your audience.


Using a combination of content creation, creative design and technology, we work with you to build and evolve your communications lifecycle in ways that engage and delight at every interaction.


Over the years, our experts have worked their magic on international summits, national conferences and award ceremonies, to name a few, as well as events to drive sales, engage employees and inspire global audiences. Whether you are planning an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, we know how important it is to you. Our team of specialists are geared up to plan and produce a bespoke strategy which makes the most out of your event.



Our Event Organisers Think Differently



As an experienced event organiser, we understand that every client has different goals and KPIs, and as such each event needs a unique approach. We create beautiful, bold and bespoke solutions as well as innovative designs, tailored to suit your audience.


With a trusted team of event organisers, we will work closely with you from the start to shape your brief with a keen focus on your goals, content and engagement strategy. We take an agile and adaptable approach to event delivery, tailoring our service to work best for your unique requirements, ensuring your message is delivered with first class execution.



In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid Events



Whether you’re planning in-person, virtual or hybrid event, our team will communicate with you every step of the way, ensuring you have the support you need. We have prided ourselves on this level of service for the past 45 years. It’s in our DNA.


The events industry has evolved. While in-person events will return and continue, virtual and hybrid solutions are the key to creating an accessible and sustainable future for our industry.


Whichever route you choose for your event, we will put your objectives at the heart of our work to build an event driven by your audience and powered by our tech. Our team of event organisers look after the entire technical production, from sound and lighting to staging and streaming. When pairing innovative technology with creative thinking, the end result is a successful event with a happy audience. Live Group make sure your message lands with an impact.

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Virtual events can seem complex, but with the right partner, you’ll see how they put you in complete control.