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Why delegate wellbeing is top of our event agenda

28 June 2022


Since the pandemic, it has become more important than ever for companies to be conscientious about delivering environments that actively prioritise the wellness of delegates – on a physical, mental, and social level.

This is why we pride ourselves on creating environments that prioritise these needs.

Research from the Incentive Research Fund suggests that for 86% of internal meeting planners and 68% of external meeting planners, wellbeing has become a critical target for them.

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted a surge in the dialogue around health and wellbeing, both in the workplace and in the community. With the widespread return to in-person events in 2022, this focus on the wellness is being applied to delegates.

By tapping into the qualities of different spaces, we can create healthier and more calming environments that offer delegates balance. Here at Live Group, we work around three core pillars when it comes to creating mindful event agendas.

1. Physical environment

When selecting venues and accommodation for delegates and speakers, those with a gym, swimming pool or spa facilities obviously deliver the ultimate place for people to burn off some physical energy or simply to relax after a long day.

There’s also the aspect of physical space to consider when setting the tone for individual experiences of an event. Creativity and mental dexterity are both directly influenced by our physical environment, meaning venues with outdoor space, natural light and windows which can be opened, for example, can help keep delegates invigorated.

2. Mental wellbeing

With burnout, stress and anxiety on the rise, the mental health of delegates is high on our agenda.

Spaces to take a break and recharge have become particularly important post-pandemic. After two years of attending virtual events from the comfort of our own homes, there will be some delegates who find the intensity of returning to in-person events overwhelming. Building in quiet, informal areas can provide welcome moments of down-time.

Nutrition is another key factor when it comes to wellness. As well as shifting towards more sustainable solutions such as sourcing local produce, it can be really effective to create menus based around healthy foods that boost energy levels at lunchtime and avoid the afternoon slump. Considerate catering can also be an easy way to make delegates feel good. By accommodating a diverse range of dietary requirements with clearly labelled food and drink options, delegates are likely to feel cared for and valued.

3. Human connection

With many of us having been deprived of human connection during the pandemic, the event industry has a unique opportunity to use networking to pave the way to wellness.

Whether delegates prefer face to face or digital communication, hybrid events are perfect for allowing delegates to choose the best type of interaction for them. At Live Group, we specialise in creating environments where a genuine connection between an event host and a diverse range of delegates can be established. For us, this is the key to building meaningful and lasting engagement through events.



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