See you, 2021!

Well, what a year that was! Thanks for everything, 2021. You were a year of unexpected hurdles to be overcome, as well as some great successes and leaps forward. To anyone who saw the challenges of 2021 as an opportunity and seized it, we salute you.

We hope our peers in the events industry have taken some time this January to reflect on the lessons of 2021 and have readied themselves for what the coming year might hold for our sector, good or bad.

January is the time for resolutions – pledges we make to ourselves to guide growth and become better than we were the year prior. Live Group had an amazing year in 2021. Through the dedication of our Project teams, and the vision of our clients, we hosted some world-class events. 2021 was a year for growing the business, too, with the Commercial team working tirelessly to introduce Live Group and our ethos to a raft of new clients.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for further growth and refinement.

A year of transformation

More than anything, 2021 was a year for ‘walking the walk’, led by our Innovations team. In March 2020, as the pandemic shuttered events around the globe, we recognised the opportunity to move things forward, and to introduce virtual and hybrid event formats to our clients. Without this short sharp shock to the industry, it might have been years before we witnessed the kind of uptake of these new formats we have seen. In 2022, we believe we will see the benefits of virtual and hybrid, not just to events, but its impact socially and ecologically.

For 15 years prior to the pandemic, we were investing in virtual and hybrid event solutions, building our methodologies and refining our services. Hybrid and virtual events are a breath of fresh air; they make events more accessible to those who might otherwise have been restricted from attending an in-person event, either due to location or finances. Socially, virtual and hybrid approaches let delegates interact how and when they want to, without the pressure of speaking up in a crowded auditorium. Finally, hybrid and virtual are easier on the planet, and will help to cut the carbon footprint associated with in-person events down to a manageable size in the event industry’s journey to carbon zero.

Our Resolution

We hope by now that these benefits are well-known, but there is still work to do to get the word out there.

In 2021, Live Group proved virtual and hybrid events were the future. Our resolution for 2022 is to bring our clients, and our industry at large, along for the ride. More than internal development and research, we want to reach out to our sector to share our knowledge and insight, and support those working to make events greener, more inclusive and more accessible.

In pursuing this resolution, we believe events can become a force for good. Change is needed in our sector; to limit our negative impact on the planet, but also for the betterment of our audiences, our clients, and our craft as event professionals.

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