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Global event trends 2023

25 October 2023

Global event trends


Navigating Global Event Trends: Key Insights from Five Continents

In today’s interconnected world, the events industry is constantly evolving, influenced by trends and innovations from every corner of the globe. From Europe to Asia, Africa to the Americas, event planners are harnessing the power of creativity and technology to deliver unforgettable experiences. In this blog, we’ll explore key insights from five continents, offering a glimpse into the delegate experiences in the ever-changing landscape of global event trends.

1. Europe: Sustainable events

Sustainability has become a driving force in European event planning. From eco-friendly venues in Scandinavia to zero-waste initiatives in Germany, event organisers across the continent are prioritising green practices. European cities are leading the way in adopting electric transportation options and reducing carbon footprints. Sustainable choices are not only ethical, they are increasingly expected by delegates.

2. Asia: Virtual and hybrid events

Home to tech giants and digital innovation hubs, Asia has embraced virtual and hybrid events. Countries like Singapore and India are at the forefront of the move to virtual and hybrid, combining immersive online experiences that connect global audiences. Virtual events widen reach whilst reducing the environmental impact of travel, aligning with the sustainability ethos gaining ground worldwide.

3. Africa: Cultural immersion

Africa’s rich cultural diversity is a wellspring of inspiration for event planners. Across the continent, from South Africa to Kenya, events are infused with local traditions and immersive experiences. Delegates are treated to unique cultural performances, art exhibitions, and culinary delights. The trend of cultural immersion fosters a deep connection between delegates and the host, leaving lasting memories.

4. Americas: Experiential marketing

The Americas continue to lead in experiential marketing, where events are powerful brand-building platforms. In the United States and Canada, companies are leveraging technology, immersive installations, and interactive exhibits to create memorable brand experiences. Delegates are not passive observers; they are active participants in the brand narrative.

5. Australia: Outdoor adventures

In Australia, the great outdoors is an event venue in itself. From beaches to rainforests, the country’s vast natural landscapes offer stunning settings for events. Australians have embraced open-air experiences, focusing on wellness retreats, adventures, and eco-conscious events. It’s a trend that marries the appreciation of nature with the desire for unique event locations.

Global collaboration is the new norm

While each continent has its distinct trends, global collaboration is a common thread. Event planners are increasingly connecting with their counterparts worldwide to bring audiences together to exchange ideas, best practices, and innovative approaches. Technology has facilitated this collaboration, making it easier for delegates to learn from international peers and apply insights to their local markets.

Adapting to the future

The events industry is resilient, as shown by its ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital formats, as we turned to virtual and hybrid solutions to connect and engage. As the world recovers, a hybrid event model, blending in-person and online experiences, has become the new normal for many organisations


The global event management landscape in 2023 is a dynamic tapestry of trends, each continent weaving its unique thread into the fabric of the industry. From sustainability in Europe and experiential marketing in the Americas, to cultural immersion in Africa, tech-driven virtual events in Asia and outdoor adventures in Australia, the diversity of approaches is both inspiring and informative.

As global event managers navigate the ever-evolving landscape, staying informed about global trends is key to creating exceptional experiences. The fusion of insights, creativity, technology, and a commitment to sustainability will shape the future of events on a worldwide scale. The events industry continues to thrive, united by a shared passion for bringing people together, whether it’s in person or through screens, to create moments that leave a lasting impact.



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