Our Project Management team is expanding. We welcomed Victoria Hinkins as a new Project Manager in March 2022. Eight weeks on, she describes her first impressions of Live Group.

Q: What attracted you to Live Group?
I’ve followed Live Group on social media and seen the teams onsite at various events over the years. There were three things that made me want to join Live Group. The variety of clients was the first thing that appealed to me. There’s a really diverse range of different types of clients, from government departments through to professional services both in the UK and overseas.

The mixture of event types was also a big draw – from small to huge events and everything in between. My third reason for choosing Live Group was the opportunity a hybrid role offered. Before the pandemic, location would have been a barrier, so it was great to apply for a job that wouldn’t ordinarily have been within my usual commute.

Q: What kind of jobs have you done before?
I’ve worked in event management for over a decade now. My previous roles have spanned in-person, virtual and hybrid events for a number of clients, including visitor attractions, the army and pharmaceutical companies. From corporate meetings and exhibitions, to awards ceremonies and large-scale parties, my background is varied.

It’s been interesting to live through the pandemic as an events manager. Helping clients pivot rapidly to virtual events was a huge challenge for all of us in 2020. Now in-person events are back on the agenda, it’s exciting to work with clients to shape their hybrid events. Everyone is really keen to retain the best of the virtual world, which is good news for the industry, great for information sharing and obviously means our clients’ messaging can have a far greater reach.

Q: What have been your first impressions of Live Group?
Everyone has been welcoming and the atmosphere is really inclusive. In an industry like events, it’s so important to know I have supportive colleagues around me.

It’s great that our clients have a dedicated Account Manager to look after them, which means we can take a more flexible approach to project management at the point of delivery. Project Managers at Live Group experience all types of events, across different sectors, working for a broad range of clients who each have different scope of work. The teams here are always learning and sharing knowledge up and down the chain. For clients, the result is a really clued-up event management team full of good ideas.

Q: What will you be doing at Live Group?
As a Project Manager my role involves bringing everything together on time, on budget and on brief. For each project I’m managing, I handle all the logistics and become the main point of contact for the client and contractors.

My first Live Group project has been supporting another Project Manager to deliver events in Sydney and Florida – sadly, I’m not required on-site! My first on-site experience with Live Group will be handling delegate management at an in-person event for 600 delegates in Monaco.

Q: What do you think it takes to succeed in the events industry?
It’s obviously a people-oriented industry and to bring an event together takes a team of people with different personality types and strengths. From my perspective as a Project Manager, to have a successful career in the events industry it’s important to enjoy being out and about meeting people. Resilience is essential, as is the flexibility to adapt as and when things occur unexpectedly.

Managing events is fun, but it isn’t easy. We often work long hours and under pressure. It’s a cliché but working at an event often requires you to appear calm on the surface, whilst paddling madly underneath the water to make sure everything happens as it should.

Q: What do you like most about your job?
Good clients make all the difference. My favourite type of project to manage is an in-person event. It’s a really rewarding moment when everything comes together and works on-site.

When I’m managing an overseas event, sometimes I’ll work remotely with suppliers for an intense period of time. I really enjoy creating close relationships virtually and then seeing them come to life when we all meet in person.

Q: What do you hope to achieve at Live Group?
As my career progresses I will always want to be involved in the running of events. I’d love to expand my client base, experience new sectors and travel to as many event destinations as possible.


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