Our Project Assistant Vid Jerasa returned to his old stomping ground to participate in the university’s Employability Passport Networking Event

Earlier in November, I received an invite from the University of Greenwich Business School Employability Office. I was asked if I would be interested in sitting on their panel to discuss Events Management, covering my views on the latest industry trends, broadcast to an audience of students as part of their Employability Passport Networking Event.

As I am a Greenwich Alumni, I felt honoured to have been asked to speak; what an opportunity to give back to current students and show them the possibilities ahead of them. Kieran Roberts, who was the accompanying expert on the panel, and my sparring partner for the session, is a Business Development Specialist working for Cvent, so the discussion was well-balanced between project and event management and Kieran’s acumen.

I tried to put myself in the shoes of those students viewing. I was once in their place, excited to start on my journey. I found myself thinking: “What would have been useful for me to know when I was still studying?”

For my part, I shared how I made the decision to study Events Management, spotlighting the skills I believe are the most important and useful to develop ahead of a career in events. And while no two experiences will be quite the same, I hope that my insights were useful to the audience and will set many of them off on their own paths to success in the industry.

In addition to speaking on a virtual panel, I was also invited to the in-person networking event at the University of Greenwich where I spent a couple of hours speaking to some current students. It was extremely interesting to hear their prediction on the trajectory of events in the next decade, and discussing their ambitions and plans for the future. I left feeling inspired by their vision and enthusiasm, and I hope this window into my experiences was useful to them, too.

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