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Thought Leadership

Navigating the AI labyrinth

06 November 2023


The double-edged sword of tomorrow’s technology

Bruce Rose, Head of Audience at Live Group

As we approach our highly anticipated event ‘Beyond the Horizon’, set for November, the necessity to explore the future trajectory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implications on governance, rights, and well-being becomes increasingly pressing.

Live Group is committed to fostering conversations around these critical themes, with a lens toward preparing organisations for a future that is as promising as it is fraught with challenges.

The Good, The Bad and The AI

Human-centred development: A tightrope walk

Experts warn of a future where the development of digital systems is driven more by profit and power incentives rather than the empowerment of individuals. The increasing commodification of data and the side-lining of ethical design are two substantial concerns. On the flip side, optimists envisage a world of unprecedented digital enhancements, from healthcare and nutrition to education and transportation. The integration of smart systems in every aspect of life could offer solutions tailored to individual needs, making daily life more convenient.

Human rights: Under the scanner

The age of surveillance is upon us, say the experts, with threats to privacy becoming more pervasive. Advanced AI technologies like facial recognition, coupled with the spread of deepfakes and disinformation, pose significant risks. However, the same digital tools could be wielded to uphold human rights and offer resources to those in marginalized communities, ensuring safer lives for many.

Human knowledge: A sea of confusion

The undermining of trusted institutions and the drowning out of facts in a deluge of misinformation is a concern that cannot be ignored. Yet, there is hope that digital literacy and regulatory standards could revive trusted news sources and promote verified information, enhancing public discourse and progress.

Human health and well-being: A mixed bag

The embedding of technology in our lives has led to increasing levels of anxiety and depression, warns a section of the expert community. This could worsen, stemming from factors like social isolation, job displacement, and tech-based attacks. However, the promise of a healthcare revolution, driven by digital evolution, could offset these negatives, bringing about a future of health equality.

Governance and institutions: Racing against time

Experts fear that norms and regulations will not evolve fast enough to cope with the rapidly changing tech landscape. The issues of autonomous weapons, cyberwarfare, and runaway digital systems are grave concerns. But there’s hope that new digital standards will promote pro-social activities and digital literacy, impacting governance positively and promoting human agency and security.

Conclusion: Balancing on the edge

The AI landscape is an intricate maze of potential and pitfalls. As we march toward 2035, the balancing act will require focused attention on diversity, stakeholder inclusion, regulatory changes, and data platforms. Moreover, as Live Group often emphasises, a more holistic view of the company and the challenges it faces is crucial.

Join us at our event ‘Beyond the Horizon’, taking place in November in Singapore, where these topics will be dissected in granular detail by a stellar panel of experts. Together, let’s build a future that embraces the full spectrum of AI’s potential while mitigating its risks.

Register now: www.livegroup.global/horizon



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