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Maximising digital event attendance

08 November 2023


Boosting your virtual gate: Ten proven tactics to maximise digital event attendance

The virtual event landscape has witnessed a significant transformation in recent years, with many organisations turning to digital platforms to host and attend virtual events. While online events offer the convenience of participation from anywhere in the world, boosting attendance remains a key challenge. In this blog, we’ll explore proven tactics to maximise digital event attendance and ensure your virtual events are well-attended and impactful.

1. Early and targeted promotion

Start promoting your virtual event well in advance. Use targeted marketing strategies to reach your audience through email marketing, social media, and relevant online communities. Craft compelling messages that highlight the unique value of your event, including the knowledge, networking opportunities, and entertainment it offers.

2. Affiliate partnerships

Collaboration is a powerful tool for increasing attendance. Partner with influencers, industry leaders, or complementary organisations to co-promote your event. Their endorsement can lend credibility and attract their followers to your event. Additionally, consider offering affiliate partnerships or referral incentives to encourage partners to drive registration.

3. An unmissable agenda

Content is king in the virtual event world. Ensure your event agenda is packed with engaging and relevant content. Provide a diverse range of speakers, sessions, and formats, such as workshops, panel discussions, and keynote presentations. Make it clear to potential attendees what they will gain from participating.

4. Engaging networking opportunities

One of the key attractions of physical events is networking. Replicate this experience virtually by providing opportunities for delegates to connect with each other. Utilise virtual lounges, chat rooms, and breakout sessions to facilitate networking. And consider using AI-powered matchmaking tools to pair attendees with similar interests.

5. Early bird discounts

Offer early bird registration discounts to encourage early sign-ups. Create a sense of urgency by specifying a limited time frame for these discounted rates. Early bird offers can motivate delegates to commit to your event sooner rather than later.

6. User-friendly technology

Ensure your event platform is user-friendly, slick and accessible. Provide clear instructions on how to navigate the virtual event space, access sessions, and engage with speakers and attendees. Conduct pre-event tech checks and offer technical support during the event to address any issues promptly.

7. Gamification

Gamification is a fun and effective way to boost engagement and attendance. Incorporate games, quizzes, and challenges into your event platform. Offer prizes, recognition, or even virtual badges for active participation. Gamified elements can make the event experience more interactive and rewarding.

8. Engage with delegates before the event

To avoid last-minute dropouts and no-shows, create a sense of anticipation by engaging with delegates before the event. Send regular updates, sneak peeks of content, and reminders. Consider hosting pre-event webinars or Q&A sessions to build excitement and answer questions.

9. Post-event access

Offer delegates post-event access to recorded sessions and content. This accommodates attendees in different time zones as well as providing added value to all. Make the content available for a limited time to encourage registration and attendance.

10. Feedback and adaptation

Collect feedback from delegates after the event to gain insights into their experience. Use this information to adapt and improve future virtual events. Demonstrating that you value attendee input can also foster a sense of community and encourage repeat attendance.

Creating impactful events

Maximising digital event attendance requires a strategic approach that combines engaging content, a user-friendly experience, and effective marketing. By implementing these proven tactics, you can boost attendance numbers and ensure that your virtual events are well-received by your target audience. As the world continues to embrace the virtual event landscape, these strategies will be invaluable for creating impactful and memorable online events.



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