So, how can hybrid events work for you?

We delivered our first hybrid event more than a decade ago, though admittedly it took a global pandemic to see the format truly take off. Pre-2020, hybrid events filled a reluctant need for event organisers, more of a compromise between virtual and in-person. Fast-forward to 2022, and the landscape has changed completely. With the world widely educated on virtual events after two years of lockdown, and craving in-person interaction, hybrid approaches are delivering the best of both worlds.

Now, the events industry needs to develop winning strategies for delivering this new format on the block. While we have a wealth of experience with hybrid, the relative unfamiliarity with the format across the industry has bred misconceptions. Speaking with our peers and clients, it became clear to us that these misconceptions are limiting the potential of hybrid events. Which got us thinking about how we could solve this issue: by sharing our hybrid knowledge, best practices and insights for planning a hybrid event.

Recently, we held a webinar to share all of this with you. Our experts gathered their knowledge from the last decade of hybrid event delivery, as well as the insights we've picked up over the past two years around audience preferences and engagement, and provided an opportunity for viewers to ask the tricky questions that have been on their minds surrounding the format.

We called this webinar Hybrid Events: A How-To, and it delivered just that!

If you were able to catch our webinar live - thank you so much for watching. If not, have no fear - now's your chance to get up-to-speed. Click here to access our webinar on-demand.

As we emerge into a new normal and see hybrid events are here for the long haul, we hope you can apply some of the information our team have provided in this webinar into your next event. Or of course, we're always here to help should you need us!


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