At Live Group, we’re all about our people. A healthy, creative working culture helps to cultivate a healthy, creative workforce, which allows us to do what we do best! That’s why we’ve invested so much in building an environment which prioritises health and wellbeing.

Covid-19 was tough for everyone, and as we all decamped to work remotely, we knew a strong support network in the workplace would be vital. That’s where our Health & Wellbeing representatives and Wellness PTs came into their own. These figures have been instrumental in maintaining the Live Group culture and sense of unity through lockdown and beyond, introducing a range of initiatives to improve the health and wellness of Live Group staff. This extends to a series of mental health drives to place a brighter spotlight of the psychological stressors of working life, in lockdown and beyond.

One of these initiatives, Tea at the Birdhouse (with Wellness PT Helen Bird) gives our staff the opportunity to stop in with Helen for a virtual cuppa, a one-on-one chat and a mental health tune-up. Other initiatives include health and wellness exercise sessions, fitness groups, regular healthy eating care packages and organised seminars with inspirational figures in the wellness space.

These efforts together have helped our staff to thrive through lockdown, bridging the gap of isolation to strengthen connections and preserve the creative spark and proactive spirit at the heart of the Live Group ethos.


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