In our quest to provide amazing events services around the world, our very own Project Assistant Bethany Clapson headed out on a recon mission to the island of Malta. Bethany shares her experience with abseiling, rugged coastlines and some amazing venues.


Welcome to Malta.

If you’re looking for a location to give your event a rustic coastal touch, Malta is a convenient and compact little gem. What the island lacks in land mass it makes up for in things to do, excelling in the areas of natural beauty and outdoor pursuits.

The first stop on my trip was to the hotel, the Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa, which was just a short 20-minute journey from the airport and acted as basecamp. And just as well; the central location of the hotel made heading out for excursions and refreshments a breeze. My room was decked out with features you’d happily expect from a five-star stay: a huge living space for chilling out, a fully fitted kitchen and luxury bathroom, and I’m sure any delegate would take a moment from their busy agendas to take in the views overlooking the bay.

By Land, Sea & Air.

If you want your delegation to get the most out of Malta, prepare them for an active trip. The more physical of your attendees will find a lot to love immediately about the activities on offer. Our visit started proper in ‘Malta Vice’ style with a private speedboat trip to the island of Gozo. The approach to the island was breath-taking, a feeling which was carried through to our jeep tour of the island which let us take in all the sights of Gozo without the stuffiness and air-con of a tour bus.

The jeep took us winding up the hills of the island to drop us off, thankfully not literally, at our abseiling activity. If the speedboat and the open-top ride gave me the chance to feel the wind in my hair, the cliff-edge scuttle up to the abseiling area put some sweat on my brow! It’s not an activity for the feint-hearted, but for those willing to don a safety helmet, clip up their carabiners and lean back into their harness, abseiling is certainly an unforgettable addition to any event schedule.

The coasts of Malta invite this kind of variety. In no time at all we’d taken to land, sea and air, though the island’s crystal waters and waterways are the real highlight. Tandem kayaking off the coast of Gozo provided the perfect source of gentle exercise, surrounded by the lapping waves and craggy caves of the coastline. A boat tour of Valetta gave an opportunity to take in the history of the islands in relaxing fashion, though the real highlight was the Luzzu we travelled in – a traditional Maltese fishing boat with a bright azure hull and bold painted eyes at the bow, representing Horus, said to bring luck and protection to fisherman at sea.

Event Spaces.

For an island you can drive across in about an hour, Malta offers a surprising variety of event spaces. For event organisers looking for convenience, the Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa provides ample meeting rooms for mid-to-large sized delegations. Esplora, Malta’s science museum, is equally well-suited, with the added novelty of its surrounding attractions, while the enormous terrace at Villa Bighi would be the perfect site for a drinks reception with a view. And for those looking for the classics done well, a ferry trip to the Kempinski Hotel Gozo delivers five-star service to your delegation while they take in your event across their many large event spaces.


Sun, sea and luxury – if you think your delegates’ event experience could be enhanced with the addition of some vitamin D, a dash of adrenaline, all a short distance from your venue, Malta is a promising prospect. While the heat and high-octane activities may be unsuitable for some, there’s still so much to love about the island’s natural beauty, relaxed culture and fascinating history.

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