How can this translate into meaningful engagement?


Meaningful engagement is the central pillar on which all Live Group events stand. This bas been true for the last 15 years, when we made our first developments in the field of virtual events, and beyond that, too.


Now, a global pandemic has influenced a fundamental shift in the nature of audiences, of events, and engagement, which must be addressed by the industry.


Lockdown prompted a greater dependence on virtual communication than ever before. The effect of this on events has been a significant uptick in virtual and hybrid events, to connect audiences who are legally and socially restricted from meeting face-to-face. But this shift in format has given us new insight into audience priorities.


First and foremost, delegates have grown accustomed to, and now expect, flexible content that they can engage with on a level that suits them as individuals.


By recognising this change, Live Group is able to plan and deploy effective content engagement strategies for our events which generae unrivalled levels of engagement at our events, and guarantees Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.


We deliver these content strategies via our virtual platform, which offers tailored content over the entirety of an extended pre-, during and post-event lifecycle. The result is a vault of data and insights which can be used to develop future events, better and smarter, every time.


Who is in the audience?


Our CEO Toby Lewis has long believed that traditional event audiences could be separated into three distinct groups, as he discusses in this article for BITE:


  • Delegates who thrive in social situations and enjoy in-person events
  • Delegates who are neutral towards active engagement and will attend in-person events on a case-by-case basis
  • Delegates who are uncomfortable in social situations and feel self-conscious attending in-person events


The rise to prominence of virtual interaction, ignited by Covid-19 lockdown, has driven a dramatic growth in engagement for this third segment of attendees.


Online platforms give delegates the flexibility to engage with event content in whichever way they feel most comfortable. The novel ability to reach this audience segment is a huge bonus for any business.


Experts in engagement


Any event with a virtual element promises a huge amount of valuable audience insight. Writing for Event Tech Live, Toby explores how digital analytics can show you which content translates into the most meaningful engagement.
Putting this knowledge to good use will be crucial to post-pandemic success, whatever the size of your business. As Toby puts forward in this piece for Just Marketing,this data can drive increased Return on Behaviour (ROB), providing actionable insights to inform future marcomms strategies.


New priorities


Businesses worldwide will be looking to kickstart their event calendars as restrictions lift. It’s important to recognise that the audiences returning to these events will not be the same as they were before the pandemic. Between March 2020 and now, their expectations of the events they attend, and the engagement they receive, has evolved for the better – so why regress to the ‘traditional’ approaches of the past?


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