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Beyond the Boardroom: Leveraging Singapore’s Rich Heritage for Corporate Event Success

07 March 2024

Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Singapore, often dubbed the “Lion City,” is not only a global economic hub but also a melting pot of diverse cultures and rich heritage. This tiny island nation seamlessly blends modernity with tradition, making it an ideal destination for corporate events. Beyond the boardroom, Singapore offers a plethora of opportunities to infuse local heritage and culture into your corporate event, creating a unique and memorable experience for your attendees. At Live Group we are passionate about unlocking your event’s potential and, in this blog, we explore how you can leverage Singapore’s rich heritage to achieve global event management success.

Singapore boasts a wide array of unique venues that showcase its rich heritage. Instead of opting for conventional meeting rooms, consider venues like Chinatown Heritage Centre, the Peranakan Museum, or the colonial-era Raffles Hotel. These settings not only provide an authentic cultural backdrop but also serve as great conversation starters for networking.

Delight your delegates with cultural performances that encapsulate Singapore’s diverse heritage. Traditional dance performances, Chinese opera, or even a Peranakan-themed evening can add a touch of authenticity and entertainment to your event. These performances can be scheduled during breaks or as part of the evening programme, ensuring your guests experience the local culture first-hand.

Singapore is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, offering a tantalising blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan flavours. Elevate your event by serving authentic local cuisine. Consider hosting a food festival where attendees can savour dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, and satay. You could even organise live cooking demonstrations or classes for a hands-on experience.

Incorporate team building activities that draw inspiration from Singapore’s heritage. Organise a “Hawker Challenge” where teams compete to create the best local dish. Alternatively, you can arrange heritage-inspired scavenger hunts through the streets of Little India, Chinatown, or Kampong Glam. These activities foster collaboration and immerse attendees in the local culture.

Singapore’s heritage is displayed beautifully in local art and craftsmanship. Consider offering workshops in traditional art forms such as Peranakan beadwork, Chinese calligraphy, or batik painting. These activities provide a hands-on experience and the opportunity for participants to create their own souvenirs.

Arrange guided tours to historical and cultural sites in Singapore. Whether exploring the colonial architecture in the Civic District, visiting temples, or learning about Singapore’s history at the National Museum, these tours can be educational and enlightening for your attendees.

Leverage your corporate event to give back to the local community. Consider organising a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that aligns with Singapore’s heritage. This could include volunteering at a local charity or engaging in activities that support heritage conservation efforts.

Singapore’s rich heritage provides a wealth of opportunities to create a memorable corporate event that goes beyond the typical boardroom setting. By choosing unique venues, embracing cultural performances, indulging in local cuisine, and incorporating heritage-inspired activities, you can offer your attendees an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re hosting a conference, team-building event, or a product launch, Singapore’s cultural tapestry can be woven into every aspect of your corporate gathering, leaving a lasting impact on your guests. Next time you’re planning an event in Singapore or the Asia Pacific region, we highly recommend Singapore as the perfect destination to treat your delegates to an unforgettable experience.



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