We're not a huge group of nameless event managers.

We’re a team of smart, organised, and (sometimes) funny people.

We’ve got your back, and you can rest assured that we’ve not run world-class events for decades by accident; we’re the best because we love it. We love events, and we love making cool stuff happen for our clients - from handing out badges to building world-first technical production showpieces, we do it all and we do it like nobody else. 

You’ll see on this website we’ve got big ideas. Where some companies end at logistics, we go further, using our collective brains to dream up amazing content, powerful strategies and breath-taking creative. It’s the difference between a well-run conference and an event that inspires genuine behaviour change.

See what we’ve got to say, check out the amazing work we’ve delivered, then let us know when you want to hear about the difference we can make to your next event. 


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