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Lessons from our launch

23 November 2023


Six lessons from our APAC launch event

This time last week, the Live Group team was in Singapore for our official launch into the Asia Pacific region.

Our launch event, titled Beyond the Horizon, marked a new chaper for Live Group. It also unveiled critical ideas, insights and innovations shaping the future of business and technology around the world.

With a diverse panel of experts and the skilled moderation of Anita Kapoor, the event was a confluence of ideas and perspectives. Each session and each speaker brought to the table a wealth of knowledge, challenging and inspiring us to think differently about the future.

In today’s world, where data is king, regulations play a crucial role. They’re not just guidelines but the very foundation that builds trust between companies and consumers. This trust is paramount for companies to access the data they need. It’s about creating a transparent ecosystem where data can be used effectively and ethically. As we navigated through the discussions, it became evident that smart regulation is an ally, not an adversary, in the data-driven landscape.

The future beckons for a paradigm shift in corporate ethics. Transparency is no longer just a buzzword; it is a necessity. Companies must not only be transparent with their ethical standards but must also rigorously hold themselves accountable to these standards. This lesson is a clarion call for organisations to walk their talk, embedding ethical practices into the core of their operation – certainly, if they want to attract the A-Players of the future.

While AI presents its share of challenges, the focus should be on leveraging the immense opportunities it offers. The discussions highlighted the potential of AI as a co-star in humanity’s journey, working toward a future where the strengths of each intelligence are combined to better the other. The energy spent on fearing AI’s risks would be better invested in harnessing its capabilities for innovation and progress.

As AI begins to play a larger role in content creation, the concept of ‘truth’ becomes more fluid and subjective. This evolving landscape requires a keen understanding of the nuances of AI-generated content and its implications on information authenticity. It’s a reminder that as we tread into this new era, discernment and verification will become more crucial than ever.

Simply returning to the office isn’t the endgame; the real challenge lies in articulating the benefits of an office environment. Companies need to actively communicate these advantages and offer tangible incentives to encourage a return to physical workspaces. This conversation underscored the need for a strategic approach to reimagining office spaces, understanding they can be not only a place of work, but one of community.

It’s time for a revolutionary approach to internal training. The future is about micro-learning – breaking down learning into smaller, more digestible segments rather than relying on large-scale interventions. This approach is more aligned with the fast-paced, digital world we operate in, allowing for more agile and responsive learning models.



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