Live Group is a proud supporter of International Women’s Day, an annual celebration which spotlights women’s achievements, raises awareness about women’s equality and draws much-needed attention to fund-raising and lobbying efforts.

Sixty-nine per cent of our full-time employees are women, making an impact at every level of our infrastructure. We think this is something worth celebrating.

Live Group are firm believers in the equality and inclusivity of events. It’s the mixture of viewpoints, backgrounds and life experiences which make events so special. But there’s a long road to travel before equality is achieved. As both event planners and event attendees, barriers to entry remain for entire sections of the global community, and the event industry must now reflect on accessibility to improve this.

If events are to thrive and grow, work must be done to improve the experience for women and other under-represented groups in the events space. Live Group is driven by a desire to spur on this progress, working proactively in the events space to make it happen.

Through sharing our findings, our views and our methodologies with our clients and peers, we are championing better accessibility and inclusivity practices at our events. And by deploying audience insight, developing content and event formats which resonate with under-represented groups, we hope to make events a positive space for all our delegates.


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