One of the students tweeted to me, “It's like joining Google". We’ve completely transformed the experience and the expectations for our new joiners.”

Steve V.
Regional Managing Partner, top four professional services firm

Changes to plans meant we had to redesign this entire event in just five weeks – and deliver it for a fraction of what was spent in 2015 (a reduction of 88.5%). The result was a high-impact digital event that wowed the mostly millennial audience.

This annual student induction event is designed to welcome and congratulate new graduate intakes year-on-year, providing a thought-provoking, commercially-focused and interactive experience that sets the tone for their future career with the company.

Rather than hosting a single huge event in London with new starters traveling from all over the UK, the team was keen to use cutting-edge digital technologies to engage their millennial audience. So, we created an innovative and interactive digital event that successfully engaged and connected all 733 delegates across the UK.

The upbeat theme and fast-paced networked format chimed perfectly with the young audience and reflected the organisation’s forward-looking and supportive core values. We capitalised on the digital capabilities of the delegates to create a truly authentic and contemporary experience.

Broadcast from a London-based TV studio, our webcast gave every delegate the opportunity to take part in live panel sessions and one-to-one interviews with key partners, including the Regional Managing Partner of UK and Ireland, Steve V.

The day’s agenda combined local and national workshops, seminars and networking breaks. Our audience engagement technology and event app gave students the opportunity to ask speakers and hosts free text questions, take part in live polls, network with their new colleagues across the UK, and engage with the event’s content as a single delegation. Students could even use a bespoke ‘Ask Steve’ tab on the event app during the two weeks running up to the event to submit their questions and comments to the panel in advance, leading to more relevant and lively discussions during the live broadcasts.

Before, during and after the event, delegates could search for and start conversations with each other and submit photos to the team Selfie Wall – sparking cross-location conversations and fostering a real camaraderie. From these selfies, we created a video montage – an important resource for promoting the Student Induction event the following year.


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