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Thought Leadership

Designing for digital events

05 May 2022


Why it’s important to create an event design that’s specific to the audience

When it comes to designing an event brand for digital events, we have four top tips:

1. Get to grips with the guidelines

When we’re designing an event brand, the first thing we do is to scour the client’s brand guidelines.

The key to success is reflecting their brand, whilst also creating a new identity for the event. With the careful use of colour palettes, images and graphics, we aim for an event look and feel which sits perfectly alongside the main brand.

2. Understand your audience

We create dozens of event brands every year and each one looks different, because it’s tailored to a completely different audience.

If we’re designing an event for a government event addressing 2000 finance professionals for example, it’s going to be poles apart from an event brand we’d create for an event aimed at graduates.

3. Support your speakers’ content

When we’re designing a backdrop for a physical event, it’s easy to create an impressive stage set and place the speaker in the centre.

When we’re designing for digital content, we don’t have that luxury. To make sure our graphics support a speaker’s content, we talk to them well in advance about the most appropriate range of 2D and motion graphics that will highlight key messages and add interest without being distracting.

4. Leave a lasting impression

In the same way we would visit a venue and consider all the touch points we could brand for a physical event, we go through a very similar process when designing for a digital event.

From simple banners to fully branded sponsor zones, we identify all the areas of a virtual platform that would allow us to wow a virtual delegate and make them want to explore and engage with the content.

Our approach to event design is to combine our digital and graphic design skills with audience insights to make one spectacular and engaging delegate experience.

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