Royalty. The UK Prime Minister. 21 African leaders. 2,000 delegates. $6.5 billion made in deals as a direct result of the event. Welcome to the African Investment Summit.

When Boris Johnson opens a summit with, "This is the first time the UK and quite so many African nations have come together for an event of this size", you know you're in for a treat. 

Hosted by the Prime Minister, the #InvestInAfrica summit 2020 brought together businesses, governments and international institutions to showcase and promote the breadth and quality of investment opportunities across Africa, supporting job creation, economic development and strong partnerships between Africa and the UK.

With 2,000 delegates, two simultaneous live-streamed sessions, VIP lunches, a drinks reception hosted by Prince William and Kate Middleton and world press coverage, you can see why this event has resulted in over $6.5 billion worth of global deals so far.

Watch below and see how we pulled it off. 


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