This time a couple of years ago the term ‘webinar’ would have been associated with a presentation of mediocre, semi engaging content. But the last couple of years have changed this association. Now, a webinar is something quite different, and it is something that demands your attention.


Video conferencing has experienced a surge in popularity throughout lockdown. Across the world, displaced workers have been joining meetings and conferences from the comfort of their own home, and, for the main part, they like it this way. Making the decision to hold a virtual webinar, instead of an in-person event, can benefit your business in an array of ways, but don’t run the risk of choosing the wrong virtual webinar platform. Let us help you.


Our virtual webinars are different


Your attendees will want absolute confidence that their data, and the contents of the webinar, will be prioritised. A managed virtual webinar solution gives you more robust control. You will benefit from a bespoke platform, designed with your exact requirements in mind.


Our platform, Hive, helps your event go bigger and better than before. It is more than a virtual events platform. It is the tool you need, to deliver your message in a way that makes the most impact.


Evolve your webinar


Hive lets you evolve your events, you can achieve better ROI, richer content, and greener events. Our platform is the key to data driven success, find out which activities had your delegates riveted, how high your engagement soared, and where your virtual webinar could improve in the future. Hive’s in-depth metrics and measurements can push your event up to new levels.


Our team work with you from the start, to understand your objectives and strategy. We work your content so that it shines in a digital space. Then, we design and bespoke and unique virtual webinar that engages your audience, whether they log on from their office or their sofa.

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Virtual events can seem complex, but with the right partner, you’ll see how they put you in complete control.