Freelance #EventProfs, assemble! 

The best people make amazing events. It's obvious, isn't it? That's why we want to work with the top professionals, the people that get our culture, that are just as motivated by events as we are. 

Freelancers are the backbone of our industry. Finding the best though, well, that's tricky. So, rather than send out countless briefs on social media and random websites, hoping for somebody good to answer, we thought we'd take the initiative and create something different. 

Welcome to our freelance community. A group of the best event professionals from across the UK. 

It's a new approach. You tell us a bit about yourself, the work you do and the areas you operate, and we send relevant opportunities straight to your inbox. Simple. Your experience combined with our amazing teams and top client list.

It doesn't end there though. We want Live Group to mean more than just another agency. That's why we put on free social events for our freelance network, giving you the chance to meet our people and network with your peers across the industry.

Interested? Then take five minutes and get get signed up. We can't wait to meet you.

We take pride in our LG culture

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