Virtual events, by the experts

Virtual events present a convenient and feature-rich option to event organisers. More than a decade ago, Live Group recognised their potential, and set to work creating a robust and flexible virtual suite for our clients.

    Why Choose Us

    Level-Up Networking

    Virtual events have evolved. Live Group produces virtual activations which are engagement machines, designed to delight and engage your audience.

    1. A platform which can be accessed anytime, anywhere
    2. Engage with your audience long before and after your event
    3. Track behaviour and engagements

    Powerful Data Strategy

    Plus, vast, actionale data gathered through the virtual platform means more measurable, more meaningful events.

    1. Monitor which content is hitting the mark
    2. Receive valuable feedback from your delegates
    3. Use this data to endlessly improve future events

    Events For Everyone

    We are a trusted event partner, responsible for 400+ events a year across in-person, virtual and hybrid formats

    1. Remote viewing makes your events more accessible than ever before
    2. Virtual engagement encourages participation from more diverse voices
    3. Virtual format reduces the carbon footprint of an event and is kinder to the planet

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