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The green room checklist

15 November 2023


Ensuring your talent is comfortable and ready to shine

Behind every successful event, there’s a team of talented individuals who bring it to life. From musicians and actors to speakers and presenters, ensuring your talent is comfortable and prepared is essential for a seamless and successful performance. That’s where the green room comes in. In this blog, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure your talent is well taken care of before they step into the limelight.

1. Personalised welcome

A personalised welcome note or gift can make talent feel appreciated and valued. Consider including a message of encouragement or a small token of appreciation for their participation.

2. Event schedule and contact information

Provide your talent with a detailed event schedule that outlines their responsibilities, including call times, performance times, and breaks. Additionally, share contact information for key event staff in case they need assistance.

3. Comfortable seating and furniture

The green room should be a sanctuary where your talent can relax and prepare. Ensure there are comfortable chairs, sofas, or seating options available. This is where they can switch into the right mindset, review their notes, or simply take a moment to relax.

4. Adequate lighting

Good lighting is essential for makeup application and costume checks. Ensure the room is well-lit with both natural and artificial light sources. Dimmer switches are a plus, as they allow for adjustment depending on the talent’s preference.

5. Mirrors and dressing area

Provide a designated dressing area with full-length mirrors. This space is where your talent can do any last-minute grooming, check their appearance, and make costume adjustments.

6. Refreshments

Stock the green room with a selection of drinks and snacks. Include a variety of options to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Bottled water, herbal teas, fresh fruit, and light snacks are always appreciated.

7. Dietary considerations

Ask about your talent’s dietary restrictions and preferences well in advance. If any special arrangements need to be made, ensure they are taken care of, whether it’s providing vegan options or accommodating food allergies.

8. Privacy and security

The green room should offer a private and secure space where talent can focus on their preparation. Ensure it’s not accessible to the general event staff or delegates unless specifically permitted.

9. Quiet atmosphere

Maintain a peaceful environment in the green room. This space should be free from distractions and noise, allowing talent to concentrate and stay focused.

10. Wi-Fi access

In today’s digital age, access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential. Talent may need it for last-minute research, communication, or social media updates related to the event.

11. Charging stations

Provide charging stations for phones, tablets, and laptops. Ensure there are various charging cables available to accommodate different devices.

12. Green room attendant

Appoint a dedicated green room attendant or coordinator. This person can be responsible for ensuring the room is stocked, tidy, and that any special requests or needs of the talent are addressed promptly.

13. Emergency kit

Have a well-stocked emergency kit on hand. Include items such as safety pins, sewing kits, pain relievers, and basic first-aid supplies. It’s always good to be prepared for unexpected mishaps.

14. Green initiatives

If you want to align your event with green practices, ensure the green room supports this vision. Offer eco-friendly amenities and encourage talent to participate in sustainability efforts.

By following this comprehensive green room checklist, you can create a comfortable and welcoming space for your talent. A well-prepared and contented talent is more likely to deliver a stellar performance, making your event a success. Remember, a little attention to detail in the green room can go a long way in ensuring your talent is ready to shine on stage.



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