The platform encourages a diverse range of content approaches, from video streaming, online discussions, presentations, video and more.


Our virtual platform champions quality content. And quality content resonates with your delegates.


Your content plan will be developed and deployed by our virtual event team with maximum effectiveness top-of-mind, and the flexibility to adapt the strategy on the fly to increase engagement.


Our virtual event platform includes engagement tools such as a ‘meet the peers’ page, sponsor and exhibitor pages and forums allowing your delegates to network from any location. As well as this, you can build a content library which is accessible for an extended period, allowing delegates to start engaging pre-event, and keep engaging post-event. Our tools spark discussions and provide everything your delegates need to enjoy the event.



Data Driven Platform



The rise of virtual events has opened up a new world of data-gathering possibilities, and our team have worked hard to build a platform that provides everything you need in one comprehensive package. Our virtual event platform enables you to see exactly what had your delegates riveted. Via our client dashboard, you can track how high your content engagement soared, where your KPIs were exceeded and where improvements could be made in the future.


Having access to these in-depth metrics through the virtual platform means your events improve in quality every time.



Evolve Your Event



It’s time for the industry to take action to protect the environment. Our virtual events are kind to the planet and have the long-term in mind when it comes to carbon impact.


Our virtual event platform offers your delegates a more accessible option than an in-person event. Time is valuable, and delegates don’t want to spend hours travelling to a venue when they can receive the same experience from home. Offering on-demand content gives our audience the flexibility they crave, letting them tune in at a time that works for them. Not only is this more convenient for them, but it also opens your event up to a wider audience, allowing you to increase the attendee numbers and network with delegates across the globe, all while reducing your carbon footprint.


A virtual event platform helps to evolve your event, delivering better ROI, higher engagement and richer content. It can do all this still while being greener and more accessible than an in-person event.

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Virtual events can seem complex, but with the right partner, you’ll see how they put you in complete control.