Every member of your team was completely unflappable, had a brilliant eye for detail and endless patience. It was really emotional, seeing those beautiful models set up in the State Rooms after years of hard work on this project; and really fantastic to have survivors and others see us start to deliver on our promise."

Helen Cook
Prime Minister's Office

We successfully created, organised and staged the UKHMF’s ten-venue exhibition – with just three weeks before the first event took place at 10 Downing Street.

In 2016, the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation (UKHMF) launched a competition for international artists and architects to design a new Holocaust memorial statue and Learning Centre for Victoria Tower Gardens, in London.

The shortlisted entries were then showcased at an exhibition roadshow, designed to inspire debate and drive votes before a winner was announced in June 2017. Shortlisted nominees included entries from Caruso St John Architects, Marcus Taylor, Anish Kapoor, Rachel Whiteread’s, Foster + Partners and Michal Rovner - which meant our 10-show roadshow was jam-packed with some of the most precious cargo we've ever had, including priceless one-of-a-kind models from some of the world's most renowned architects. No pressure. 

Collaborating closely with UKHMF, we worked round the clock to bring their content to life.

Our Design Team created a brand identity that was respectful of the subject and encouraged visitors to engage with the content. We designed the visual environment and collateral for the exhibition – including stands, signage, posters and a 20-page brochure. We also worked with the UKHMF team to edit existing copy and provide extra content where needed.

To capture the imaginations and votes of the visiting public, we created an intuitive app and invited people to share their opinions on the interactive iPad hubs at each exhibit. By using familiar technology, we ensured that everyone would find voting simple.

Our dedicated Exhibition Manager for the event booked and served as liaison for all ten venues, while also handling third-party supplier logistics. The UKHMF exhibition materials are now securely stored by Live Group, accessible at any time.


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