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14:00 - 15:00 (UK), Thursday 21st May
The New Event Experience: Episode 5 

A load of experts, all in one place - ready to help you build the New Event Experience. 

You've heard about the new normal, you've heard about a new era for events, you've heard how the Live Group are the team paving the way.

Now it's time to hear first-hand from our experts, and see how you can bring your next event to life - whatever form that takes.

This week's speakers include:

Kieron White - Facilitator
Bruce Rose - Building your event architecture
Marcus Naef - Bringing your architecture to life
Becky Balchin - Project managing the digital twin
Debbie Morgan & Rob Knobben - The event hub
Jim Steele - The speaker experience
Sarah Barradell - Designing the digital twin
Toby Lewis - The future of events

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