At Live Group we create powerful communications strategies designed to bring you closer to your audience, whoever and wherever they are.


We combine our years of experience with our creative approach to problem solving, ensuring we deliver interactive experiences and communications strategies that far surpass the conventional. Using a powerful armoury of content creation, creative design, technology and data strategy, we land your message with impact.


We bring your story to life


We create powerful communications strategies that let you connect with your audience in truly meaningful ways. We start with you, listening closely to understand as much as we can about your audience and your objectives. By placing your objectives at the core of the approach, we are able to craft a powerful suite of communications that tell your story and generate the response you want. We turn your vision into something powerful, that engages your audience, and drives change in behaviour.


Evolve your event


Live Group is skilled in every area, from creating your message, designing and delivering your event, project management, and digital solutions. Every element of the communications strategy is managed by a specialist team, so we can exceed your expectations. Every time.

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