All the best things start with chocolate

Live Group was founded in 1975 when we launched a lime-flavoured Swedish chocolate bar. We’ve come a long way since then, successfully managing everything from G-20 meetings for the British government to the SAS Global Forum.

Today, Live Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of end-to-end creative communications solutions. In all we do, our aim is to bring our clients closer to their audience, delivering messages that land with clarity and impact. Whether we’re creating content, or planning, staging and managing a major event, our team of experts handle every element of the communication lifecycle.

We’ve always been engagement innovators, pioneering a variety of remote audience engagement technologies. Our All Staff conference for Natural England enabled 2,500 members of staff to take part in live voting and host delegate panels across seven different locations.

We pride ourselves on helping our private and public sector clients drive behavioural change through interaction, as we did for a top four accounting firm – delivering a student induction process that earned participant buy-in and left an impact by developing students into productive modern workers.


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